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Workshop for Diversity

Diversity drives innovation, but integration is the key
How does integration in sports clubs look like? How can the communication between doctor and patient work without speaking the same language? How can refugees enter the workforce?

It is the goal of the ICUnet Werkstatt für Vielfalt to live up to the European idea and foster integration. When it comes to integration into companies and society in general people widely recognise that language learning is crucial. But being able to act within a new culture implies more than just vocab and grammar. The Werkstatt emphasises intercultural aspects which make integration easier. 

Cultural codes markedly influence the ways people communicate, live and work. But culture is always negotiable: It is for that reason that all concepts of the Werkstatt are developed with and for refugees and migrants and aim at migrants, but also representatives of the welcoming culture (e.g. German colleagues). The idea: to respect the cultural background of migrants just as much as the cultural background of the destination culture.

The Werkstatt offers a unique approach. Hands-on experience of the leading intercultural consulting team is combined with academic expertise. It covers the different parts of everyday life, be it living, working, or even going to the doctor’s. The holistic conception combines intercultural trainings, cultural assessments and on-the-job trainings. All concepts and projects of the Werkstatt are transferrable – e.g. integration in cities and communities, or on-boarding processes for new employees with migration background in companies. This is the way to create synergies by diversity.